Blanco Minerals Inc. is committed to sustainable development and regards the environmental management and rehabilitation of mining sites as among its highest priorities. The Company continuously reviews and improves its environmental management system to reduce the impact of mining on site and on neighboring communities.
Blanco Minerals' key environmental responsibilities include:

  • Rehabilitation of mined land to re-establish a self-sustaining ecosystem
  • Ensuring the quality of local water resources are maintained
  • Waste minimisation, employing a policy of reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible
  • Environmental monitoring in accordance with the Company’s operating licences

Waste Management

Blanco Minerals recognizes its responsibility to protect the environment by minimizing waste and has a long term strategy to reduce the amount of waste generated. The strategy aims to:

  • Reduce solid waste going into landfill
  • Re-use potential waste materials whenever possible
  • Minimize waste generation